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The chance to make free money is an opportunity that we find hard to resist. So we've compiled a list of free to enter prize draw / lottery websites. None of them require you to purchase anything to take part in them, they are totally free to enter. We don't want to show any favouritism so they have been listed alphabetically. We've just given a very basic indication here of what each sites prizes are. But in reality most offer more and could include daily, weekly, monthly prizes. Some even roll-over prizes that are not claimed. Check them out and see what you think. Although we've done our utmost to ensure these sites are fully trustworthy before we list them here, we must stress that they have no affiliation to us here at interestme.co.uk and so we ask that you satisfy yourself as to their suitability to you by reading and fully understanding any of their terms and conditions. If you are happy then why not return back here each day and use this page as your hub to access them. We will add to these as and when we become aware of new ones, and we have vetted them. So go ahead, have a bit of free fun!

Badger the Buttonbadgerthebutton.com
A daily draw to win £10.

Visit Badger the Button ⇒

A daily draw to win £50.

Visit doblotto ⇒

A daily draw to win £5.

Visit EmojiLottery ⇒

Free Birthdate Lotteryfreebirthdatelottery.com
2 daily draws. Win £10 in both.

Visit Free Birthdate Lottery ⇒

A daily draw to win £20.

Visit FreeLotteries ⇒

Free Lucky Lotteryfreeluckylottery.co.uk
A daily draw to win £10.

Visit Free Lucky Lottery ⇒

A daily draw to win $20.

Visit FreemojiLottery ⇒

Free Postcode Lotteryfreepostcodelottery.com
Several daily draws. Win £5 to £100's every day.

Visit Free Postcode Lottery ⇒

A daily, weekday, draw to win £10.

Visit FreeRaffleDraw ⇒

Happy Birthdateshappybirthdates.com
10 daily draws to win £100.

Visit Happy Birthdates ⇒

A daily draw to win £1,000.

Visit Lottery ⇒

Lucky Phoneluckyphone.co.uk
A daily draw to win £10.

Visit Lucky Phone ⇒

My Free Postcode Lotterymyfreepostcodelottery.com
A daily draw to win £50.

Visit My Free Postcode Lottery ⇒

My Lucky Patchmyluckypatch.com
A daily draw to win £20.

Visit My Lucky Patch ⇒

A daily draw to win £10.

Visit NumberPlateLotto ⇒

The Selfie Lotterytheselfielottery.com
A daily draw to win £10.

Visit The Selfie Lottery ⇒

The Street Lotterythestreetlottery.com
A daily draw to win $10.

Visit The Street Lottery ⇒

Do you know of a good free prize draw / lottery website that we could add to our list? Please send us the details.
Your feedback of your experience with any of these websites would be welcome.
Are all our links still working properly? If not then please do let us know.
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