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Rate Decrease

05 Sept 2016


More bad news for first time buyers as yet another market leading rate gets the chop. This time it's Virgin Money's Help to Buy ISA as they cut the rate from 2.5% down to 2%. So yet another provider slashes rates at more than the 0.25% bank rate cut last month, this time by twice as much. This move by Virgin Money now means it is no longer in our Top Rates ISA table and is surprisingly replaced by Barclays Bank.

Rate Decrease

01 Sept 2016

Penrith Building Society

Penrith Building Society cuts the interest rate of its Help to Buy ISA. What has been a market leading rate is being cut from 4% down to 3%. This will come in to effect from today 01 Sept 2016. Although this product is only eligible to customers with Cumbrian Postcodes, and so is not included in our Top Rates ISA table, it is yet another blow to savers.

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